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Clean Ginseng Panax Pouches

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Clean Ginseng Panax 13,200mg (220mg Ginsenosides) per serving (2 caps)

Availability: In stock

£10.4 - £22.57

Availability: In stock

£10.4 - £22.57

Clean Panax Ginseng extract- 440mg of Clean Panax Ginseng extract (220mg Ginsenosides) in Vegetarian Capsules
CLEAN PRODUCTS- No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient thats it - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured
VEGAN- Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)
CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

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£10.4 - £22.57



Them (Big Business)

Them big business full of nastys


Us (Small Business)

Us natural as possible



Some Reviews from our site :)


Anne M - Verified Buyer - 07/16/18

Excellent Products

"I bought these supplements after searching for them for months as my usual supplier stopped doing them. It’s difficult to find quality products which actually work, but these are top notch. I’ve used them for 3 weeks now & I’m completely happy with them & will definitely be renewing my order when I need more. My new supplier I think!"


Neil S. - Verified Buyer - 07/07/18

Great product

"Only just started taking them so difficult to comment on effectiveness but I like the ethos of this company and would Buy from them again"


Georgi A. - Verified Buyer - 07/14/18

I am glad that you are back ;)

"Very good even better than the last “period” Me And my mum Are taking this products and we FEEL very happy and supported by he supplements"


Richard H - Verified Reviewer - 07/09/18

"Excellent service.

I’ve been advised to take some supplements and decided to use this company. It’s obvious that Chris cares about the purity of his products, so I’d be very happy to use again."


  •  x5 Times Stronger than Simply Supplements Ginseng product (Them 40mg Ginsenosides, us 220mg)
     x22 Times Stronger than Holland and Barretts (Them 10mg Ginsenosides, us 220mg)
     x7 Times Stronger than Health Span (Them 30mg Ginsenosides, us 220mg)


Ginseng Panax Extract Exactly what your getting

Clean Ginseng Panax Extract 440mg (220mg Ginsenosides) which is the equivalent to 13,200mg per serving. 1-3 Month Supply options

Product name: Ginseng Panax Extract 

Extract: 30/1

Part of Plant used: Root

Strength: 50% Ginsenosides (the good stuff)

Ingredients: Each Capsule has 220mg of Ginseng Panax extract (110mg Ginsenosides) which is the equivalent to 6,600mg in Vegetarian capsules (HPMC)

How long will these last ?: x60 Caps = 1 Month Supply, x120 caps = 2 Months, x180 caps = 3 Months. You will be getting 440mg Ginseng Panax extract (220mg Ginsenosides) which is the equivalent to 13,200mg each day.


Them against us

Buying Supplement guide


Extracts or Powders ?

The Big Question - Extract or (Organic) Plant Powder ?


Its very important to know whether you are buying a powder or an extract. Extracts are much more powerful then powders. Pretty much all the scientific evidence is on the active ingredient of the herb or plant and you can not get much of that in a powder if any at all.

  • Extracts can be 5/10/20+ times stronger than normal powders
  • when you hear a product might help with X it's usually because of the scientific studies which 99% of the time is on the active ingredient(s).
  • Extracts contain the Active ingredient(s) (backed by science) Powders have very little or none.
  • Powders are cheap becasue no active ingredients in them or very little. Extracts are a lot more expensive because they are high in the active ingredient(s)
  • Currently Organic extracts are out of the question due to no suppliers supplying Organic extracts because of the costs involved they would be x10 in prices.




Why choose us

Why Choose Us, British Supplements ?


  •  Our philosophy is Clean, Strong Extracts in vegetable capsules. Nothing added.
  •  We don't hide anything, there is no extra ingredients or anything hid in away at the back side of the label etc
  •  Fresh Strong batches of supplements made weekly (not mass-produced).
  •  Clean products in natural Kraft pouches
  •  UK manufactured
  •  We are not internet marketers we are a real business who are always improving our products and range to help our customers.
  •  Delivered straight through your letterbox no need to sign for your supplements.
  •  Sold in monthly supply packs so you can choose quickly
  •  We can't say we are the strongest due to UK law but we are one of the strongest and that goes for all our products
  • All Products are vegetarian friendly apart from our Chondroitin and Glucosamine.



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