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Olive Leaf Capsules 3 Month Supply

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Clean Olive Leaf Extract 5,600mg (224mg Oleurpein)

Availability: In stock

£9.06 - £18.54

Availability: In stock

£9.06 - £18.54

CLEAN OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT - 560mg extract (224mg Oleurpein) which is equivalent to 5,600mg in Vegetarian Capsules

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient thats it - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured

VEGAN - Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

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£9.06 - £18.54



Them (Big Business)

Them big business full of nastys


Us (Small Business)

Us natural as possible




Some Reviews from our site :)

Fiona M. - Verified Buyer - 06/12/17

"Don't need inhalers any more! This is the second time I've bought Olive Leaf Extract from British Supplements - it was by far the best value Olive Leaf I could find. I first bought some last winter, as I'd heard it helped guard against 'flu. Not only did it keep me well, it completely 'cured' the breathing problems I'd had ever since having bronchitis a few years ago. But when spring came, I stopped the Olive Leaf. Then the breathing problems came back; not so badly, but now I know it's the Olive Leaf Extract that's making things better, I'm going to keep taking a maintenance dose all year. It's much better than needing an inhaler."


Richard G. - Verified Buyer - 03/16/17

"Immune System Boost, I initially bought three months worth of these supplements to help with my immune system because I'd been feeling run down and seemed to catch every cold going, after taking the first few I noticed that I felt very strange but after the first few days this went off and I felt no different to normal. I then noticed that I was developing painful spots on the back of my neck and cheeks which I guess is the effect the supplements have when they detox your system, the spots eventually went away and I have felt better in myself recently, I have been around lots of people with colds and don't seem to have contracted anything so far. I bought another batch of six months worth and I hope they keep on fighting off the colds and most of all keep me healthy."


Matthew A. - Verified Buyer - 05/16/17

"Heard from my reflexology lady,good products good prices and received promt."


Richard - Verified Reviewer - 05/15/17

"Olive leaf Capsules, Just ordering my second packet. I originally purchased these as my doctor told me my blood pressure was a little high. After taking olive leaf capsules for 10 days my next visit to the doctor found my blood pressure was back to normal. Olive leaf is so good for so many things, I am amazed at what it's good for."


  • 8 Times Stronger than Solgar Brand (them 13mg, us 112mg of Oleurpein per cap) 
  • x3.7 Times Stronger than Puritan's Pride (them 30mg, us 112mg of Oleurpein per cap) 
  • Plus most importantly we dont add any Nasty Extras


Olive Leaf Extract Exactly what you get

Clean Olive Leaf Extract 5,600mg (224mg Oleurpein) per serving (2 Caps)

Product name: Olive Leaf Extract
Scientific name: Olea europaea
Other Known Names: Olive,Olive Tree, Olivier
Extract: 10/1, Oleuripein 40%
Ingredients: Each Capsule has 280mg Olive Leaf extract (112mg Oleurpein) equivalent to 2,800mg in Vegetarian capsules (HPMC)

How long will these last ? x60 Capsules will last 1 Month and you will be getting 224mg Oleurpein per day.



Them against us



Buying Supplement guide


Extracts or Powders ?The Big Question - Extract or (Organic) Plant Powder ?

Its very important to know whether you are buying a powder or an extract. Extracts are much more powerful then powders. Pretty much all the scientific evidence is on the active ingredient of the herb or plant and you can not get much of that in a powder if any at all.

  • Extracts can be 5/10/20+ times stronger than normal powders
  • when you hear a product might help with X it's usually because of the scientific studies which 99% of the time is on the active ingredient(s).
  • Extracts contain the Active ingredient(s) (backed by science) Powders have very little or none.
  • Powders are cheap becasue no active ingredients in them or very little. Extracts are a lot more expensive because they are high in the active ingredient(s)
  • Currently Organic extracts are out of the question due to no suppliers supplying Organic extracts because of the costs involved they would be x10 in prices.




 Why choose usWhy Choose Us, British Supplements ?

  • Our philosophy is Clean, Strong Extracts in vegetable capsules. Nothing added.
  • We don't hide anything, there is no extra ingredients or anything hid in away at the back side of the label etc
  • Fresh Strong batches of supplements made weekly (not mass-produced).
  • Clean products in natural Kraft pouches
  • UK manufactured
  • We are not internet marketers we are a real business who are always improving our products and range to help our customers.
  • Delivered straight through your letterbox no need to sign for your supplements.
  • Sold in monthly supply packs so you can choose quickly
  • We can't say we are the strongest due to UK law but we are one of the strongest and that goes for all our products
  • All Products are vegetarian friendly apart from our Chondroitin and Glucosamine.



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