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Why i Created this Health Business

Hey my names Chris and i created this Herbal / Healthy Supplement business due to the lack of quality pure supplements out there. Everywhere i searched online they all add the nasty extras that helps them mass produce millions of tablets and not really caring about the people that buys them (me and you). We dont know what alot these extra chemicals do to us but there has been some research into some of them and its not good news at all, i recommend you read the small details in the ingredient listings before buying a supplement.
Also i would advice anyone buying a supplement to do your own research before buying, this is very important so you know the dosage your looking for, of course we have professionals in our team who recommend daily intake etc but there are alot of shady companies out there that give you very little amounts of extracts for next to nothing and these would be very ineffective.
We study the scientific papers on each herb/product and for example if the studies say that they found that 500mg of extract helped with certain things then we would make 500mg capsules of that herb product without all the nasty extras. All our Supplements come in Vegetarian / Vegan friendly capsules aswell.
So if your looking for real quality supplements at the right dosages and competitive prices then give us a go :)

No Nasty Chemicals
veg and Vegan Friendly
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