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Asthma has got better

I have been taking pine bark in my stack for a couple plof months now. I have pollen related asthma. I have noticed a big improvement. I have also noticed less pain in my body. I have arthritis and other things. Over a year or so i have developed a stack that my body likes. I keep researching and testing other things. But i have noticed that the longer i take my stack. The more my body improves as well as my mind . I can not recommend british supplements enough. Chris and the team are excellent. I will always use them. Thank you british supplements and chris.

R. Hall
A versatile supplement

I'm a fairly fit and healthy 83 year-old who hasn't needed a doctor or taken medication for some years. I've been taking several BS supplements for a year or two, in stacks (CDP, GPC; Biotin, MSM, Vits. C, D; magnesium, Lion's Mane, turmeric) and I recently added Pine Bark to improve my circulation; it is also anti-inflammatory, and can enhance the effects of other supplements. Yes, I have always had a healthy plant-based diet, but I know that my current state of general well-being, energy, and resistance to infection are due to the support and protection I get from these supplements, The website is really helpful, and I admire the transparency of the company's methods (how many would show videos of their back-office on a bad day?). British Supplements, the real national health service!

Tony Mcgovern
Clean pine bark

I have had swelling in my legs for quite a while, I had magnesium from your system so I bought a book Essential guide to vitamins. They informed me that taken with Q10 would reduce the swelling, I have been using Q10 from another source. So I now buy both from your selves which is working well, only a couple of months but looking really good just need to find the one for to make me richer with hair. ;)

Steven Mcgrath
Clean Pine Bark - so far so good

Bought a 3 month supply 2 months ago. so far so good. Easy to swallow. Easy packaging. Seems to be the most natural on the market. Reasonable price too.
I previously used Cell Pro tect (formerly Rev enol) for 20 years and thought this was good for anti oxidants. It got ridiculously expensive so I looked for similar ingredients to that and found that Pine Bark was a large percentage of the old stuff I used. So I tried this product and cant knock seems to be good.
I suppose we will never ever know if these are actually helping us, other than if we dont get cancer and feel ok day to day...thats what I am basing this review on.
To recap-----I am happy with this and its a reasonable cost too!

Nadine Davies
Works for ADHD

I purchased this for my son in law who was on medication for ADHD practically throughout his entire childhood (8-16 years of age). This affected his ability to study and engage with his peers as most of the time he was out of it, it also delayed puberty and irradiated self belief in abilities. I purchased this for him after reading reviews, within a few days he was able to focus, so much so his manager commented on the quality of work he produced. He feels more “chilled”, less stressed and can sit and watch a film which was something he was incapable of previously. Now aged 27, and coming to terms with what he’s missed out on, he's navigating life with a new found confidence. Try it and spread the word as there’s a hell of a lot of kids being controlled by very powerful medication which we are yet to learn the repercussions of.