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Genuine Clean Premium UK manufactured Supplements

Research (know what you want) - Decide - Try Different Brands - Find what works for you and stick with it.

CLEAN NATURAL MAGNESIUM L-THREONATE - 1,026mg + 120mg of uptake blend per serving which is x2 capsules.

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Now Improved with our uptake blend (9parts herb 1 part uptake blend) - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured.

VEGAN - Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

Our Goal is to offer you Premium Clean Supplements at High Doses so they have the best chance to help us.

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How do we compare ?
  • 99% of Companies sell Blends with this and that and all the Nasty extras - Update ours is now a blend but not one of those dodgy ones. Its 9 part Mag-L and 1 part uptake blend to help deliver our product(s).
  • One of the Strongest Online :)
  • If Price means everything then our Supplements are not for you. There is penalty of poor supplements out there, all big brands included for the most part.

Plus our products are CLEAN they all add Nastys because they are made for money and not for human consumption.

* Important *

You have all been asking for black pepper (piperine) in your Turmeric so we have gone one better and are adding an ancient Ayurveda uptake blend to most of our products over the next month. Each product will be 9:1 meaning 9 parts herb and 1 part uptake blend (black pepper 10% Piperine, cumin extract, ginger extract 5%). This will improve our products a lot. What will change? The amount of herb/product won't change that much as we have done 10 so far and they are around about the same amounts. We are rolling this out over the next month guys so amounts will vary 10-30mg from what it says on each product page please be aware. Thanks :)

Review terms

The reviews expressed below are the opinion of British Supplement customers. British Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice or health claims. For more info click here.

Clean Magnesium L-Threonate + Uptake Blend to Help Deliver (No Nasties ever)

Supplement Details

Product Name: Magnesium L-Threonate

Scientific Name: Magnesium (2R,3S)-2,3,4-Trihydroxybutanate

Other Known Names: L-threonic acid, magmind, magtein,neuro-mag

What is it ? Magnesium L-Threonate is one of the three forms of magnesium chelates in Natural Stacks highly effective nootropic supplement. Magnesium is an essential mineral, necessary for practically all the tissues in the body, and very important for ***Censored as there is no freedom of speech in the UK due to the ongoing partnership between Big Pharma and the UK Gov (MHRA). It involves lots of money of course ***

Which part of the plant is used ? Cant get this from a plant it was found by scientists in a lab so its made in a lab.

Strength / Specs ? 95%

What exactly is in the Veg Capsules ? Magnesium L-Threonate plus uptake blend (9 parts herb 1 part uptake blend) in veg caps and thats it :)

What exactly do we get ? Each Capsule has 513mg of Magnesium L-Threonate plus 60mg uptake blend in Vegetarian capsules (HPMC). x2 caps per day is a serving size and you will get 1,026mg of Magnesium L-Threonate and 120mg uptake blend 1:1:1 (Black Pepper extract (10% piperine), Ginger extract (5% Ginerol), Cumin extract (10:1). We sell all of our products in monthly packs so its easy to buy and rebuy things that help us.


Customer Reviews

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Excellent service and product
Superb Product
Shocking customer service
So here is one of these types again. This guy sends us a message on Friday night via FB. 'How are you not getting censored ? I agree with everything you say but why risk being banned ? What’s the crack ?' (Where are we down the bar on a Friday night ?) Following day Saturday - 'Hi , are your products organic ? and / or are they checked for heavy metals at all ?' (information is on the product pages if you can be bothered to read them.........) Followed by Monday - first message 'Hi are your products organic at all and how are they tested ? Do you test for heavy metals , herbicides and pesticides etc ?' So on Monday we see the messages he left and don't reply to them because we don't want to serve him as we can tell from the first message he is going to be a problem. There is no correct answer for these people. Its just attack whatever you say. We can't reply to them are they come back with 100 questions and dont like it because it might take us 48 hours to get back to them. Also we would not have replied to this guy only he bought from us as we know the type well. So on Tuesday morning we see he has left another message from late Monday- 'Do you give the same generic answer to every question . I have bought 2 lots of products from you can you answer my previous question please ?' (we never replied and im thinking here we go again.......) So we reply to Michael - 'Hello Micky. Yes everything is checked for heavy metals. No they are not Organic as you can not get real Organic extracts. You can get the odd one here or there that is made in a lab.' Michael replys- 'Can you explain further about heavy metal testing and the quality of the product do you have any certification how do I know your products are better than others out there other than what your website says ? Can you show any proof at all I really want to buy all my stuff from you and not anywhere else but words are cheap as we all know .' Our series of replies on FB - total heavy metals are tested and also AS,PB,CD,HG We are not here to say ours are the best. people who take our products know this as they feel a difference in alot of our products we have plenty of reviews on our website for each product and what they have helped people with its up to you try them and see if you like them better than others' Michaels reply - 'You got any PROOF as in paperwork for the heavy metals testing ? Or proof that your products DONT have all these nasties that Holland and Barrett use etc. It’s ok putting it out there in a website but where’s the proof or do we just take your word for it ?' Our last reply before leaving it there - 'Micky what part of tested do you not understand ? This means there is paperwork for them. I see you like to think you know what your talking about and to run your mouth. Your the type we dont want to business with and dont. Do you want us to take the supplements for you as well ?' The above type we do not serve. Sure we can send heavy metals test you want (COA) via Email. It can take a little time to get this across to anyone that wants it. There is a way to go about it. You dont start barking out us via FB messenger. Surely anyone who was looking COA's would ask before they bought ? If you have any questions please ask before you buy. Lastly: We choose who we partner with just as much as they choose us. We aren't like the big brands who want to sell to the naive and gullible. Sell thin air in a tablet with lots of marketing talk. We sell to the more intelligent customers and not to the Michael Nuttell's of this world.
Not received
Your email was replied to yesterday morning 17th and then you leave 1 star review the next on the 18th. Maybe check your hotmail email instead of Gmail that your last email came from. 50% of hotmail goes to spam or doesn't get delivered.
Clean Genuine Magnesium L-Threonate + Uptake