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Genuine Clean Premium UK manufactured Supplements

Research (know what you want) - Decide - Try Different Brands - Find what works for you and stick with it.

CLEAN OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT - 617.4mg extract (246.8mg Oleuropein) Plus 68.6mg of our Uptake Blend.

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient + our uptake blend - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured

VEGAN - Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

Our Goal is to offer you Premium Clean Supplements at High Doses so they have the best chance to help us.

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How do we compare ?
  • x8 Times Stronger than Solgar Brand (them 13mg, us 123.4mg of Oleuropein per cap)
  • x4 Times Stronger than Puritan's Pride (them 30mg, us 123.4mg of Oleuropein per cap)
  • Plus our products are CLEAN they all add Nastys because they are made for money and not for human consumption

* Important *

You have all been asking for black pepper (piperine) in your Turmeric so we have gone one better and are adding an ancient Ayurveda uptake blend to most of our products over the next month. Each product will be 9:1 meaning 9 parts herb and 1 part uptake blend (black pepper 10% Piperine, cumin extract, ginger extract 5%). This will improve our products a lot. What will change? The amount of herb/product won't change that much as we have done 10 so far and they are around about the same amounts. We are rolling this out over the next month guys so amounts will vary 10-30mg from what it says on each product page please be aware. Thanks :)

Review terms

The reviews expressed below are the opinion of British Supplement customers. British Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice or health claims. For more info click here.

Clean Olive Leaf Extract 617.4mg + Uptake Blend 68.6mg per serving (x2 capsules)

Supplement Details

Product Name: Olive Leaf Extract

Uptake Blend: Black Pepper extract (10% piperine), Ginger extract (5% Ginerol), Cumin extract (10:1)

9 parts Olive 1 part uptake Blend. Please note our uptake blend is of the highest quality ingredients. We dont just add this so we can stick this on here and market the death out of it like all of the rest of them. They have destroyed the word Superfood(s) which do exist just most of the time its not what they are selling.

Scientific Name: Olea europaea

Other Known Names: Olive,Olive Tree, Olivier

What is it ? Olive leaf comes from Olea europaea, the olive tree. Olive leaves and olive leaf extract (OLE) have
been used for ***Censored as there is no freedom of speech in the UK due to the ongoing partnership between Big Pharma and the UK Gov (MHRA).*** for thousands of years.

Which part of the plant is used ? Olive Leaves

Strength / Specs ? 10/1 / 40% Oleuropein

What exactly is in the Veg Capsules ? Olive Leaf extract + our Uptake Blend (9 part Olive 1 part uptake Blend) and thats it.

What exactly do we get ? 9 parts Olive extract and 1 part uptake blend: Each Capsule has 308.7mg Olive Leaf extract (123.4mg Oleuropein) and our uptake blend 34.3mg (Black Pepper extract (10% piperine), Ginger extract (5% Ginerol), Cumin extract (10:1) in Vegetarian capsules (HPMC).

We sell all of our products in monthly packs so its easy to buy and rebuy things that help us.

These are sold as x2 per day so your getting 617.4mg (246.8mg Oleuropein) and 68.6mg uptake blend.


Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Olive Leaf Extract

I buy olive leaf extract as a way to help combat viruses, what with autumn now upon us, and take it daily. When it comes to supplements of any kind whatsoever I wouldn't dream of purchasing them anywhere else tbh. I just feel I should point out I'm in no way connected with the company because in all honesty every supplement I've bought from them has been absolutely top notch, from the quality of them right through to price, delivery, minimal packaging, and all round customer service. 10/10 every time.

Wendy Sharpe
Fungal infection protocol

I have purchased a few items from this company and been extremely happy with the service, pricing and delivery. Excellent customer service and genuine products. Well done Chris. I actually purchased the Olive Leaf extract as part of a protocol recommended for my dog who has suffered with allergies and infections, particularly skin, for many years. We went the vet route once and never again, they wrecked him with their nasty chemicals and made his health even worse, despite him being on a purely natural diet. It's taken a lot of research and trial and error but I came across a protocol for him that included olive leaf extract and I knew the only place I would purchase this from would be British Supplements. Crossed fingers, so far we are seeing signs of improvement for the first time in years. This may not be due solely to this extract but I am sure using a clean, quality product has helped with the rest of the protocol. I recommend this company to everyone I know. Thanks Chris, there are a lot of people on here who really appreciate what you do

Martin Clark
Prompt service, quality product

Its too soon to report on the effectiveness of the product but full marks for swift dispatch and delivery. Certainly, the tablets smell promising - natural not chemical.

William Tomlinson
Olive leaf

Brilliant service and product would highly recommend this company. 10/10

Olive Leaf Extract

Thank you Chris and the team! As always…. Another excellent product, helps keep me protected from viruses etc along with your clean garlic, all your supplements are first class and do what they say, I will not be going anywhere else for my vitamins and supplements 😊