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Genuine Clean Premium UK manufactured Supplements

Research (know what you want) - Decide - Try Different Brands - Find what works for you and stick with it.

CLEAN Vitamin D3 + K2 +MSM - 5,700 IU Vitamin D3, 115mcg Vitamin K2 and 251mg of MSM in each Capsule.

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient thats it - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured

GLUTEN FREE - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

Our Goal is to offer you Premium Clean Supplements at High Doses so they have the best chance to help us.

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How do we compare ?

5 Times Stronger than Natures Best

Them = 1,000 IU Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 90mcg + Nasties.

Us = 5,700 IU Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 115mcg + you get MSM 251mg what a deal :) Oh and No Nasties !

  • This one could be used as a summer dose.

All of our products are CLEAN. They all add Nastys because they are made for money and not for human consumption.

Review terms

The reviews expressed below are the opinion of British Supplement customers. British Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice or health claims. For more info click here.

Clean Vitamin D3 5,700IU, Vitamin K2 115mcg + MSM 251mg + NO Nasties :)

Supplement Details

Product Name: Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 + MSM

Other Known Names: Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol, Lanolin, sunshine vitamin). Vitamin K2 (menaquinone, MK7). MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Vitamin D3 source: Lanolin

Vitamin K2 source: Natto (MK7)

What is it ? One of the many roles of vitamin D is to support *censored* health. Calcium is required for normal *censored*, development and maintenance of the *censored*, where it provides *censored* and *censored*. Vitamin D boosts *censored* absorption from the intestines and its re-absorption from the kidneys, thus greatly enhancing levels of available calcium within the body.

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown that vitamin K2 is a highly effective activator of *Censored*. It is therefore recommended that vitamin D3 is combined with vitamin K2 when using supplementation to support *censored* health and to protect *censored* health.

Big Pharma + The MHRA (which is a business and regulator) own all the rights to the health industry in the UK. Any company that provides Health products can not make any claims backed by science or not. They do not want you to be informed or/have another opinion.

We have censored the above so they do not have one over us like they do with all the other health companies in the UK. Oh and we pay our taxes so they don't have any hold over us. We are whiter than white as we will be on the front soon.

Strength / Specs ? Vitamin D3 100,000IU per gram, Vitamin K2 (0.2%) MSM 100%,

Extraction method ? Ethanol

What exactly is in the Veg Capsules ? Each capsule has 5,700IU Vitamin D3, 115mcg Vitamin K2 and 251mg of MSM. No nasty extras needed to make these little beauties or any of our products. We added MSM because vitamin doses are tiny and we need to add something to them to fill the capsules. MSM is a natural compound look it up. There are even books written about what it can help with.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Don't be fooled by summer!

My husband and I have been taking the 10,000IU vitamin D+K and because of the high concentration decided to have a break from it over the summer. After 2 years of being Covid-free we both came down with Covid within 6 weeks of coming off Vitamin D and C. My husband wasn't very well at all and had a niggling cough after he'd got over Covid. For me, my symptoms were mild in comparison but like my other half I'd gained that niggling cough. When I discovered British Supplements had added this new lower concentrate of Vit D, I ordered it along with the cherry Vitamin C. We've been on this for over 4 weeks now and the cough has disappeared.

C. Miller
Good Find All Round

After doing one of those ‘send a hair sample’ tests I found out what I was sensitive to and what vitamins were low - so I went online for some vitamins, came across Chris and the Team by accident but took the chance and gave them an order.

I was always suspicious of how the big shops could sell me stuff for a penny; I admire Chris’ enthusiasm and straight talking and have learned a wee bit from his emails.

First ordered D+K in the higher dose in January but felt that was a bit too much for me, felt jittery………but might not have been vitamins! Anyhoo, bought smaller dose D+K in April and they are suiting me fine. Also bought B12 and they are going fine too.

Both orders came promptly, no issues at all. I like that I can tip staff, well, why not if they’re doing a good job.

Natalia James

Amazing good supplement. Recommend it!