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Genuine Clean Premium UK manufactured Supplements

Research (know what you want) - Decide - Try Different Brands - Find what works for you and stick with it.

CLEAN ECHINACEA EXTRACT - 592mg extract (4% Cichoric Acid = 23.68mg) per serving which is x2 caps.

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient thats it - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured

VEGAN - Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

Our Goal is to offer you Premium Clean Supplements at High Doses so they have the best chance to help us.

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How do we compare ?

This is another product where they complicate everything. You need to know how much Cichoric Acid is in your product as this is the active ingredient.

  • Ours is 4% so there is 11.84mg per cap, x2 caps = one serving as they are sold as 60 packs so 23.68mg Cichoric Acid. This is how i buy extracts i dont even look at any number apart from the active ingredient number as its the most important thing you need to know right beside quality and then nastys in it.
  • All the big brands dont tell us how much Cichoric acid is in their products. Either they dont know about Echinacea or they dont want to tell us, im not sure which is worse :S
  • I would recommend trying theirs and then ours and see what works best for you :) Im very confident that we will knock them out of the park as we used to sell Echinacea extract before and we got lots of reviews about how good it is.

All of our products are CLEAN. They all add Nastys because they are made for money and not for human consumption.

* Important *

You have all been asking for black pepper (piperine) in your Turmeric so we have gone one better and are adding an ancient Ayurveda uptake blend to most of our products over the next month. Each product will be 9:1 meaning 9 parts herb and 1 part uptake blend (black pepper 10% Piperine, cumin extract, ginger extract 5%). This will improve our products a lot. What will change? The amount of herb/product won't change that much as we have done 10 so far and they are around about the same amounts. We are rolling this out over the next month guys so amounts will vary 10-30mg from what it says on each product page please be aware. Thanks :)

Review terms

The reviews expressed below are the opinion of British Supplement customers. British Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice or health claims. For more info click here.

CLEAN ECHINACEA EXTRACT - 592mg extract (4% Cichoric Acid = 23.68mg) per serving x2 caps.

Supplement Details

Product Name: Echinacea extract (4% Cichoric Acid)

Scientific Name: Echinacea purpurea

Other Known Names: Purple Cone Flower, Black Sampson, Black Susans, Fleur à Hérisson, Hedgehog, Igelkopfwurzel, Indian Head, Kansas Snakeroot, Red Sunflower, Rock-Up-Hat, Roter Sonnenhut, Rudbeckie Pourpre, Scurvy Root, Snakeroot to just name a few :)

What is it ? Echinacea is a herb used to make *Censored* from its leaves, flower, and root. Echinacea was used in traditional herbal remedies by the Great Plains Indian tribes. Later, settlers followed the Indian's example and began using echinacea for *Censored* purposes as well. For a time, echinacea enjoyed official status as a result of being listed in the US National Formulary from 1916-1950.

However, use of echinacea fell out of favor in the U.S. with the discovery of antibiotics (i wonder why ?..........) But now, people are becoming interested in echinacea again because some antibiotics (will be all ?) don't work as well as they used to against certain bacteria. Maybe because bacteria are living organisms and are way way older than us so what's it doing ? Evolving ? *** Censored as there is no freedom of speech in the UK due to the ongoing partnership between Big Pharma and the UK Gov (MHRA). It involves lots of money of course ***

Which part of the plant is used ? -

Strength / Specs ? 4% Cichoric Acid

Extraction method ? Water

What exactly is in the Veg Capsules ? Echinacea extract 592mg (4% Cichoric Acid = 23.68mg) per serving which is x2 caps. No nasty extras needed to make these little beauties or any of our products. Sold in monthly packs aswell so its easy to know what your buying.


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