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Definite improvement

I’ve been taking the clean collagen for about 5 months now. I started it because during the covid pandemic my hair started to thin and I had noticeable thinning and receding patches. I can confirm that since starting on the collagen my hair has thickened a lot, I’ve got new hair growth in the areas that were patchy or receding. My nails are so strong and seem to grow like talons and my skin is so clear that I hardly wear make up any more. I am so grateful to have found this company and 100% recommend the clean collagen. As an aside, I’ve ordered my mum the menopause stack as she is 5 years in menopause and still experiencing many symptoms. She started on them about 1 month ago so I’m interested to see how she gets on with the supplements and will leave a review when I know more from her.

Stu bear
3 months progresd

This is the 3rd month I have been using hydrolyzed collagen I will be using this product on a permanent basis results are thicker softer hair, my skin glows with heath as well as a reduction in fine lines, again,thank you british supplements for all you do

Evelyn Fairlie

I purchased this product and was quite sceptical at first as to how it would work. I have thinning hair which has shown signs of thickening. More importantly though I had a sebaceous cyst on my forehead for two years. It was quite noticeable and people would ask have u bumped ur head . Awaiting confirmation for removal. Only been taking the collagen for 2 months and the cyst has gone down which I’m happy about . Will continue to take these supplements .

Sharon-Louise Devine
Amazing results

After a major health issue 8 years ago the trauma ( and copious amounts of meds)caused my eyebrows to fall out and my hair to fall out in patches. I was also on lots of dr prescribed meds. Hasten to add I became a shadow of my former fab self. After a chat with a wonderful female consultant I slowly came off all but one medication. My clean supplement journey began. After LOTS of research I knew “clean” was the only option. I came across British-supplements. Tentatively I started with clean collagen and OMG the results in my hair are astonishing! Some patches haven’t come back but some areas are and the hair I have has become so much more than it ever was!!! One eyebrow has returned one hasn’t, it’s one more than I had!! Because of the results I now take silica and a host of others from British supplements. I can’t express how important it is to have choices of what you put into your body and a trustworthy place -British-supplements, to get them!! I read all the emails they send to make informed choices. Customer for life x ps there was a 2 year gap between stopping other meds and starting supplements

Jan Clugston
Osteoporosis reversal

I take collagen alongside magnesium, vit d and k2 and follow a fitness regime. Having recently had my 2 yearly scan was told by my specialist to carry on what I am doing as my osteoporosis is in reverse and will soon be osteopena. I recommend British Supplements to everyone.