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Genuine Clean Premium UK manufactured Supplements

Research (know what you want) - Decide - Try Different Brands - Find what works for you and stick with it.

CLEAN LUNGWORT EXTRACT - 625mg extract + 69mg uptake blend in each Capsule (scroll down for full details).

CLEAN PRODUCTS - No Nasty Extras - No Fillers - No Binders - Pure Active Ingredient thats it - One of the Strongest Available - UK Manufactured

VEGAN - Vegetarian - Gluten Free - Chemical Free Packaging BPA free - 100% Active Ingredient thats it :)

CHECK THE SMALL PRINT - Please check the ingredient(s) list on your supplements, 99.9% all use binders, fillers etc We dont use any of these :)

Our Goal is to offer you Premium Clean Supplements at High Doses so they have the best chance to help us.

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How do we compare ?
  • First to the market with a Clean Lungwort supplement.
  • Over 12 times stronger than Twenty First Century herbs Lungwort Complex. The title of their product is a bit misleading when its the one of the lowest doses of five herbs. Elecampagne 80mg, Coltsfoot 80mg, Mullien leaf 80mg, Lungwort 50mg, Golden Seal 30mg
  • 625mg of Lungwort extract in our supplement and No Nasties :)

Plus our products are CLEAN they all add Nastys because they are made for money and not for human consumption.

Review terms

The reviews expressed below are the opinion of British Supplement customers. British Supplements does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as medical advice or health claims.

Clean Genuine LungWort Extract 625mg

Supplement Details

Product Name: Lungwort extract

Scientific Name: Pulmonaria

Latin name: Pulmonaria officinalis

Other Known Names: Common lungwort, Our Lady's milk drops, Mary's tears, Jerusalem Sage, Jerusalem Cowslip, Sage of Jerusalem, Pulmonaire, Sauge de Bethlehem, Coucou Bleu Lungenkraut, Spotted Dog, Soldiers and Sailors, Joseph and Mary, Bethlehem Sage.

What is it ? Lungwort is a plant

Product mesh: 80 mesh

Appearance: Brown fine powder

Solubility: soluble in water

Which part of the plant is used ? Leaves

Strength / Specs ? 10/1 /

What exactly do we get ? Each Capsule has 625mg of Lungwort Extract + 60mg uptake blend. We sell all of our products in monthly packs so its easy to buy and rebuy things that help us.



Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Heidi D.
Amazing lungwort

My husband seems to get a chest infection every year without fail and ends up taking antibiotics. He had one recently so reading the reviews I purchased these little beauties for him and within a few days it went without the antibiotics. So thank you Chris and team and all those reviews they do work. I have now ordered more to be on the safe side. I have also noticed as well he hasn’t used his inhaler either.

Glynnis Blackwell
Lungwort Supplement.

Bought this for my hubby, started with a cough. After taking this for a few days seemed to solve the problem. I buy all my supplements from British Supplements and they never let me down. If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask they are always willing to help. Good company. Look at their stacks for information,

Mrs Rebecca Dickinson
Clean Lungwort review.

I bought this in a bit of desperation. I believe that I had caught covid in the run up to Christmas, before it was initially confirmed in the following March. My husband caught it from me and before we new it, he was in ICU, in an induced coma for 2 weeks. He had the exact same symptoms that were highlighted when covid officially 'hit'. I remember being told that he might not make it, while feeling so ill myself. Thankfully, he made it through, but since then we had both been prone to colds/flu and any chest infection going - our lungs were shot at.
I also have had problems breathing (especially through my nose) and have recently been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and given a cpap machine which I hate with a passion - it also had been aggravating my chest.
I read some of the reviews re: Lungwort and decided me and my husband needed to try. We have only been taking under a month and the results are just amazing!!!
I am breathing 100% better than I was. My airway feels open and I am relaxed in my breathing. My husband's chest sounds so much better (the rattling has gone) and he continues to improve.
If my review can help anyone make a decision to try Lungwort - then that's fantastic!!! I would (and do) recommend to anyone x.

Rachel W
Lungwort Review

Sorry! I first reviewed on Trustpilot not knowing this is the site you use. However, my review remains the same.

I am a big believer in using supplements to support good health. I already take a number of supplements from other companies but after reading what Chris has to say about purity of products and fillers, I checked the ingredients of the other companies' supplements I take and all but one use unnecessary fillers.
I smoked for 30 plus years and gave up over a year ago. However, a bout of Covid and a heads up from the docs that I have overinflated lungs had me looking for a supplement to improve my lung function. I read every single review on the lungwort page and decided to buy 3 months worth, to give the supplement a really good trial.
Well, I am gobsmacked. After only 3 days, hard to remove phlegm was easily coughed up in the morning, I was not breathless after hard exercise and my overall feeling of good health was amazing. Two weeks later, I hardly have any phlegm at all, my general fitness is through the roof and my breathing is so much better. I havent used my inhaler at all since starting lungwort. I work as a gardener outdoors in all weather conditions, in gardens with tough sloping terrain....I was really struggling this time last year, thinking of giving up and moving into something else but now I feel on top of the world and like I can tackle anything. I looked at Chris's stack suggestions and just ordered a months worth of NAC and tumeric to see if I can improve my lungs even more. The damage is irreversible but at least I feel that things cannot get worse. Once I have worked through my remaining supplements, I will replace with BS ones. The only supplements I currently take that BS dont sell are Evening Primrose and Borage. It would be good if BS could do so in the future as I find them extremely useful for PMS/perimenopause symptoms.
If you are having any type of lung issues I recommend giving lungwort a trial. Thank you BS!

Teresa Vencatachellum

Clean LungWort